Completely Removing BackupBuddy from Your WordPress Site

Whether you are troubleshooting issues with your WordPress site, or you just need to completely remove BackupBuddy from the site, before you deactivate and delete the BackupBuddy plugin, you'll want to first reset BackupBuddy back to its defaults for everything.

To reset BackupBuddy back to its defaults, you will need to access BackupBuddy's settings here (on the site where BackupBuddy is installed):

wp-admin (dashboard) -> BackupBuddy -> Settings -> General Settings ->

At the bottom lower right are two buttons.

Then under those buttons ("Import/Export Plugin Settings" & "Reset Plugin Settings to Defaults") look for the box with the text to the right of it that says "Keep remote destination settings". Please uncheck that box (be default it is checked and you will need to uncheck it).

Then to set the plugin back to its defaults, click on the "Reset Plugin Settings to Defaults".



Then once that is done, you can go to the wp-admin (dashboard) -> Plugins page and find BackupBuddy in the list of plugins. Once found, please deactivate then delete the BackupBuddy plugin.



Once you've done that, then via FTP/SFTP or some similar host provided File Manager, please navigate to this site's /wp-content/uploads/ directory. 

Once there, look for a /pb_backupbuddy/ directory. Please delete that entire directory as it's mainly temp files. And if you ever use BackupBuddy again, it will recreate them as needed. 

After deleting the /pb_backupbuddy/ directory, check to see if there is a /backupbudd_temp/ directory. If it's there as well. Then delete it as well. As BackupBuddy will recreate it if you ever use BackupBuddy again.


Then after you've deleted that entire directory, please find the BackupBuddy local storage directory (via FTP/SFTP or some similar host provided File Manager). By default it's located here:

And download any backups to your personal computer/laptop that you would like to keep, then delete that entire directory. 






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