Getting Started with the PRO plugin

To start using WPC PRO, make sure you’ve deactivated the free version and deleted it. To use the PRO version, please go to the Member's Panel, scroll down to WPComplete and click download, then upload, and license the plugin on your site.

In WPComplete > General Settings you can enable the completion to automatically show up on post types or start adding shortcodes.


Next, to configure the plugin with the right colors, content type, and user type, please go to WPComplete > General Settings > Buttons/Graphs.


If you need to add additional custom styling, you can do so by adding Custom Styles (CSS) to WPComplete > General Settings > Advanced.

Note: If you purchased WPComplete since our acquisition, please ignore the License Key option found within WPComplete > General Settings > General and ensure the plugin is properly licensed by going to Settings > iThemes Licensing and enter your iThemes credentials. 

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