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Modifies the arguments used for creating a new subscription in Stripe.


  • $args (array) - Default arguments. Includes:
    • plan (string) - ID of the Stripe plan.
    • prorate (bool) - Whether to credit for unused time. False recommended, as Restrict Content Pro handles proration internally.
    • metadata (array)
      • rcp_subscription_level_id (int) - ID of the subscription level the user is signing up for.
      • rcp_member_id (int) - ID of the user.
    • coupon (string) - Only supplied if a discount code is being used.
    • trial_end (int) - Timestamp indicating the end of the trial period. As of RCP 3.2, all initial payments are done via a one-time transaction. RCP then uses the trial_end parameter to indicate the start of the subscription (essentially the date of the next/first renewal payment).
  • $stripe_gateway (RCP_Payment_Gateway_Stripe) - Instance of the RCP_Payment_Gateway_Stripe object.
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