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The wp rcp batch command allows you to complete batch processing jobs through WP-CLI instead of through the Restrict Content Pro interface.


  • --id=<job_id>: The ID number of the job to run. Required, unless the name is provided.
  • --name=<job_name>: The name of the job to run. Required if the job ID is omitted.
  • --step=<step_number>: A specific step to start on. The default is 0 (the beginning of the job).
  • --force=<boolean>: If the job should be run again if it's already been completed. The default is false.

You can type wp help rcp batch to see a list of available options.


Run job #1:

wp rcp batch --id=1

Run the 3.0 memberships migration job:

wp rcp batch --name="Memberships Migration"

Run the 3.0 memberships migration job from the beginning:

wp rcp batch --name="Memberships Migration" --force=true
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