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Create a new customer record.


  • $user_id (int) - ID of the corresponding user account. This is required if $user_args (below) is not specified.
  • $user_args (array) - Instead of specifying a user ID (above) you can set an array of arguments used in the wp_insert_user() function to automatically create a new user account. This is required if $user_id (above) is not specified. Arguments include:
    • $user_login (string) - The user's login username.
    • $user_email (string) - The user's email address.
    • $user_pass (string) - The plan-text user password.
    • $first_name (string) - The user's first name.
    • $last_name (string) - The user's last name.
  • $date_registered (string) - Optional. Date this customer registered in MySQL format. Defaults to current time.
  • $email_verification (string) - Optional. Email verification status. Accepts: none, pending, or verified. Default none.
  • $last_login (string) - Optional. Date the user last logged into their user account in MySQL format.
  • $ips (array) - Optional. Array of known IP addresses for this customer.

Return values:

  • (int|false) - ID of the newly created customer on success, or false on failure.


Create a new customer record with an existing user ID.

$customer_id = rcp_add_customer( array(
    'user_id' => 12,
    'date_registered' => '2019-01-01 12:00:00'
) );

Create a new customer record and a new user account simultaneously. This customer is pending email verification.

$customer_id = rcp_add_customer( array(
    'user_args' => array(
        'user_login' => 'username',
        'user_email' => 'example@test.com',
        'user_pass' => wp_generate_password( 24 ),
        'first_name' => 'Bob',
        'last_name' => 'Smith',
    'email_verification' => 'pending'
) );
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