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Filters the subscription data that is sent to the payment gateway.


  • $subscription_data (array) - Array of subscription data, including the following:
    • price (float) - Base initial price to be paid today (excluding signup fees).
    • recurring_price (float) - Recurring payment amount.
    • discount (float) - Total amount of discounts applied towards the payment. 
    • discount_code (string) - Discount code that was used during registration.
    • fee (float) - Total fee(s) applied towards the initial price.
    • length (int) - Numerical length of the subscription.
    • length_unit (string) - Length unit (i.e. "day", "month", "year").
    • subscription_id (int) - ID of the subscription level they're signing up for.
    • subscription_name (string) - Name of the subscription level they're signing up for.
    • key (string) - RCP subscription key.
    • user_id (int) - ID of the WP user account that's making the registration.
    • user_name (string) - Login name of the WP user account that's making the registration.
    • email (string) - Email of the user that's making the registration.
    • currency (string) - Currency code that's being used for the registration (i.e. "USD").
    • auto_renew (bool) - Whether or not auto-renew is enabled for this registration.
    • return_url (string) - URL to redirect to after a successful signup.
    • new_user (bool) - Whether or not a new user account was created for this registration.
    • trial_duration (int) - Numerical length of the trial (or 0 if none).
    • trial_duration_unit (string) - Trial unit (i.e. "day", "month", "year").
    • trial_eligible (bool) - Whether or not the user is eligible to signup for a free trial (if not, they should be charged the subscription price immediately).
    • post_data (array) - Array of all data submitted through the registration form. 
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