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Triggers when an automatic renewal payment fails at the payment gateway.


  • $member (RCP_Member) - RCP_Member object, which extends the WP_User object.
  • $gateway (RCP_Payment_Gateway) - Payment gateway object.


Adds a note to the membership record when a recurring payment fails.

 * Add a note to the member when a recurring charge fails.
 * @param RCP_Member          $member
 * @param RCP_Payment_Gateway $gateway
 * @return void
function rcp_add_recurring_payment_failure_note( $member, $gateway ) {

	$membership = $gateway->membership;

	$gateway_classes = wp_list_pluck( rcp_get_payment_gateways(), 'class' );
	$gateway_name    = array_search( get_class( $gateway ), $gateway_classes );

	$note = sprintf( __( 'Recurring charge failed in %s.', 'rcp' ), ucwords( $gateway_name ) );

	if ( ! empty( $gateway->webhook_event_id ) ) {
		$note .= sprintf( __( ' Event ID: %s', 'rcp' ), $gateway->webhook_event_id );

	$membership->add_note( $note );

	rcp_log( sprintf( 'Recurring payment failed for membership #%d. Gateway: %s; Membership Level: %s; Expiration Date: %s', $membership->get_id(), ucwords( $gateway_name ), $member->get_subscription_name(), $membership->get_expiration_date() ) );

add_action( 'rcp_recurring_payment_failed', 'rcp_add_recurring_payment_failure_note', 10, 2 );
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