This short code will display the login form. This will allow users to login into their account. Upon successful login, the user will be redirected back to the current page.

To show the login form on a post or page, simply use the short code like this:


Setting up redirects

If you would like to redirect members to a specific page after logging in, you can add a  redirect parameter to the short code, like this:

[login_form redirect="http://yoursite.com/page"]

Alternatively, you can also specify the redirect in the URL to the login page. For example, if your login page is https://yoursite.com/login/ , you can set the redirect URL by appending ?redirect=URLHERE on the end, where URLHERE is the URL you want to redirect to after logging in. Redirecting to the Edit Profile page might look like this:


When someone visits that full URL, they'll see the login form, and then be redirected to https://yoursite.com/edit-your-profile/ after completing the login.

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