Can I Require Email Verification Before An Account Is Activated?

Yes, you can!

As of version 2.8.2, email verification can be turned on for free plans only or for all plans. This requires that new members verify their email address before gaining access to restricted content.

Enabling Email Verification

To enable email verification, go to Restrict > Settings > Emails. Near the top, you'll see an option for "Email Verification" with a dropdown. You can choose to enable email verification for free plans only or for all plans.

When turned on, two new fields will appear: "Email Verification Subject" and "Email Verification Body". This is where you can customize the email that gets sent to new members. Be sure to include the %verificationlink% template tag in the body. This creates a special URL that the user needs to click on to activate their account.

What The User Sees

When a pending user tries to view restricted content before verifying their email, they'll see this message in place of the post content:

They won't be able to access restricted material until after they've activated their account via email.

When viewing the page with the [subscription_details] shortcode, they'll see a notice at the top like this:

After clicking the verification link in the email, the user is taken to this screen:

Administrator Tools

As an administrator, you can view if a member is pending email verification by editing their profile ( Restrict > Members > Edit Member). There will be a note below their status if they're pending email verification.

Admins also have the ability to manually re-send a member's verification email. This can be done in Restrict > Members. Locate the member in the list, hover over their name, and click the "Re-send Verification" link.

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