Emails Not Being Sent

Restrict Content Pro emails members and/or admins when certain events occur (like a new registration). If you're not receiving emails, try working through these three steps to identify and solve the problem.

Step 1: Check The Member's Status

Emails are automatically delivered to members during registration, once their accounts are marked as Active. If your emails are not being delivered, first check that member accounts are being marked as Active automatically. If they are not marked as Active, refer to the FAQ on resolving Pending accounts.

Step 2: Check Your Email Settings

Go to Restrict > Settings > Emails and find the relevant email template (i.e. "Active Subscription Email" for paid registrations or "Free Subscription Email" for paid ones). Confirm these three things:

  1. The "Disable" checkbox should be unchecked.
  2. The "Subject" box should be filled out.
  3. The "Email Body" box should be filled out.

If the subject or email body is empty, the emails will not get sent.

Step 3: Check If The Emails Are Being Triggered

The next step is to figure out if the email function is in fact being triggered. You can install the WP Mail Logging plugin to log all outgoing mail. If the email doesn't show up in the log, the email function isn't being triggered. If the email does show up in the log, then the emails is being sent, just not received. If that's the case, move onto step #4.

Step 4: Use A Plugin To Change How Emails Are Sent

If you've confirmed that the email is being sent but not received (step #3), it is likely an issue with emails being sent from your server. The easiest way to resolve this is to send emails through a dedicated email (SMTP) server.

If you have your own SMTP server, or your web host provides an email server for you (most do), or wish to send emails through Gmail (or a similar service), you can use a plugin like Configure SMTP or WP Mail SMTP to have WordPress send the emails through the external email server.

If you do not have your own SMTP server or are unsure how to set up an SMTP plugin, we recommend contacting your web host. They will have all the information you need to set it up.

Another option is to start using a transactional email service like MailGun or SendGrid to deliver WordPress emails for you.

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