Registration Form Hangs

If your registration form doesn't fully load or gets "stuck", this is usually due to an issue with another plugin or your theme. To troubleshoot the issue and find the conflict, try the following steps.


Temporarily deactivate all plugins except Restrict Content Pro. Now try the registration form. If it works, that means there's a plugin conflict. To identify the problematic plugin, start activating the plugins one by one until the registration form breaks.

If the registration form does not work with all the plugins deactivated, leave them deactivated and proceed with the theme section below. 


First, if you've customized the registration form in any way, as outlined in our instructions here, remove those customizations. If the form works, it's a problem with your customization. We do not provide custom development support. If you have not customized the registration template, temporarily switch to the default theme that comes with WordPress. At the time of this writing, the default theme is the Twenty Twenty theme.

If the form works now (and it should because all you have activated now is Restrict Content Pro and the default theme) this means you have an issue with your theme. You can switch themes, or work with your theme developer to determine why it's breaking things. Tell your theme developer that the theme is breaking JavaScript and/or AJAX functionality.

A tip for tracking down theme issues: your web browser has a feature called the developer tools console. Inside the developer tools console, you can usually identify JavaScript issues with your theme that are often the source of problems with the registration form. Any JavaScript errors can break the registration form and other functionality of your site. If you see JavaScript errors in your console related to your theme, contact your theme developer and ask them to fix the errors.

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