Auto-Renewal Settings

The setting for auto-renewal is located Restrict > Settings > General. It looks like this:

There are three choices:

  1. Always auto-renew - Auto-renew will automatically be enabled for all customers.
  2. Never auto-renew - Auto-renew will NOT be enabled. All users will need to renew manually when their accounts expire. This is done by going through the registration form again.
  3. Let customers choose whether to auto-renew - This adds a checkbox to the registration form, allowing the customer to choose whether they want to enable auto-renewal or not.

If you select the third option, an additional setting will appear where you can choose to have the auto-renewal option checked on by default on the registration form. If the option is unchecked, then the auto-renew box will be unchecked by default during registration.

What does auto-renew do?

Auto-renew sets up a subscription for the customer with your payment gateway. This subscription will automatically charge the customer again at the end of each billing cycle, and update their account expiration date accordingly.

With auto-renew enabled, your customer should only need to go through the registration form and submit payment once. After that, renewal happens automatically without extra effort from the customer.

What happens if auto-renew is not enabled?

If a customer doesn't have auto-renew enabled, then they will receive an email when their account is nearing expiration (provided you configured the email settings). In order to renew their account, they will need to return to the registration form and complete a purchase again. This will renew their registration and update their expiration date.

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