Group Accounts - Customizing the Templates

Each of the shortcodes listed on this page can be customized to some extent via the included template files. To customize the template files, you need to copy the desired template file(s) into your child theme's folder. Group Accounts uses the same method that Restrict Content Pro itself uses, as outlined here.

The template files included in Group Accounts are:

  • group-dashboard.php - displays the contents of the [rcp_group_dashboard] shortcode.
  • group-edit.php - displays the Group Settings form that is shown in the [rcp_group_dashboard] and [rcp_group_edit_group] shortcodes.
  • group-member-add.php - displays the Add Group Members form that is shown in the [rcp_group_dashboard] and [rcp_group_member_add] shortcodes.
  • group-member-import.php - displays the Import Group Members form that is shown in the [rcp_group_dashboard] and [rcp_group_member_import] shortcodes.
  • group-members-list.php - displays the Group Members table that is shown in the [rcp_group_dashboard] and [rcp_group_members_list] shortcodes.
  • group-subscription.php - displays the group information to non-owner members when viewing the subscription details page shown by the [subscription_details] shortcode included in Restrict Content Pro. It overrides the default display for non-owner members, to avoid showing billing details and other subscription-related information that they do not have access to manage.
  • group-register.php - displays the Group Name and Group Description fields on the Restrict Content Pro registration form (the [register_form] shortcode), when a group-enabled subscription level is selected.
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