Group Members - Importing Members From A CSV File

Both site administrators and group owners have the option of importing members from a CSV file.

  • For site administrators, this can be done by navigating to Restrict > Groups, click a group to edit it, then scroll down to the "Import Group Members" section of the page.
  • For group owners, this can be done on the Group Dashboard page. There's a section titled "Import Group Members".

Both pages contain a link to download a sample CSV file, which looks like so:

User Email User Login First Name Last Name User Password john_doe John Doe pass01 jane_smith Jane Smith pass02

Just like with adding members through the form, the "user_login" and "password" columns are optional. If the username is not provided, the email address will be used instead. If the password is not provided, the user's password will be randomly generated.

The order of the columns in the CSV file does not matter, as long as the header names are correct.

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