How to Find Your Database in a Backup

The database tables can be found by first extracting the zip archive on your machine and then navigating to wp-content/uploads/backupbuddy_temp/xxxxxxx/ where the x’s represent your backup’s serial number. From there, you will be able to find the (.sql) files or the singular (.sql) file if you chose that setting.  The names will be the same as they were on the WordPress site, but the singular database file will be titled, “db_1.sql”.

By default, Solid Backups will dump each sql table into their own respective (.sql) file which may help with some servers that cannot handle a singular database file due to its potential size.

 If you wish to have the sql tables dumped into one (.sql) file, then this can be done within Solid Backups’ settings. To do this, navigate to Solid Backups -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Database and uncheck the option, “Use separate files per table (when possible)“. This will force Solid Backups to create one database file called, “db_1.sql”.

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