Google Drive (v2) Setup

To begin setting up Google Drive (v2), navigate to the Destinations page under Wp-Admin -> BackupBuddy -> Destinations and click the "+ Add New" button. From there, select the Google Drive (v2) destination:


Click the "Sign in with Google" button, or click the link below if you're using a service account:



If you get a warning/error message that says "Invalid Authentication Request" and/or "Missing Username Parameter", please make sure that BackupBuddy is licensed on the site here:

wp-admin (dashboard) -> Settings -> iThemes Licensing ->

As BackupBuddy needs to be licensed in order to use the Google Drive (v2) remote destination.


Allow BackupBuddy access to Google Drive by clicking, "Allow":


Copy and paste the OAuth key provided into the "Paste your code here:" option, and click "Link Account":


Success! You've now added Google Drive as a remote destination, you may now send your backups to the destination and you can also restore backups from Google Drive.


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