Google Drive (v2) - Missing refresh token

During the setup of Google Drive (v2), you may encounter an error saying the refresh token is missing. This indicates that there is already another Google Drive (v2) destination set up and authorized, so you will need to revoke its access to create a new Google Drive (v2) destination.

Please note that performing the following actions will disconnect all sites that are connected to this Google account using the Google Drive (v2) remote destination.

Let's see how to fix this issue:


  • Click "Manage third-party access" under the "Third-party apps with account access" box.


  • Click "iThemes BackupBuddy"


  • Click "Remove Access"


Once the app has been revoked access, then you will be able to set up the Google Drive (v2) destination.


If you are also getting the following error:

AWS HTTP error: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (see


That error is caused by a configuration problem on the site's server. You'll need to please contact your host for assistance. Providing your host with the following information may help:

Configure php.ini to load the master root CA certificate OR contact your host to do so..
Download (yes, this is the correct official URL)
Add the following to your php.ini: curl.cainfo=/path/to/downloaded/cacert.pem


If that doesn't help, you will want to provide your host with the following links:

Please note, that if the site is on a Windows server, Windows servers are usually not configured completely/correctly to run a PHP based application like WordPress. And if the site is on a Windows server there is only so much we can do to help with Windows servers as they aren't officially supported. And you will have to reach out to your host for assistance.


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