Recent Actions -> Recent Restores

This section will provide details on recent restore attempts done through the WordPress dashboard. Including the date that backup was made, the restore attempt date, type of backup used during the restore, status of the restore attempt, and details of the restore attempt.

The “Details” link will provide additional information on the restore attempt and that information may be requested by support when the restore attempt through the WordPress dashboard does not complete.

For example, in the picture above, it shows the “Status” of the attempt as “Failed”. To find out why the restore attempt failed, please click the “Details” link.

And then it should provide the following information (“Restore Stats” and “Restore Log”):

When attempting a restore through the WordPress dashboard and it fails, please make sure to get a screenshot of the “Details” of the failed restore and attach the screenshot with your ticket when requesting support. As support will need to see that information in order to assist you.

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