Restore a Database or Full Site Using Solid Backups Dashboard Restore

If you want to restore local or remote backups through the WordPress dashboard please follow the steps below. 

Note: As of right now only Stash and local remote destinations are supported to restore a backup that is stored remotely.

1. To start head over to the Solid Backups Backups page, once there click the “Restore Backup” tab. 

2. Now on the “Restore Backup” tab, click the “restore” button on the right-hand side of the backup you would like to restore to. 

3. This will cause a menu to show where you can choose between Entire BackupDatabase Backup, and Files Only. Choose the option that meets your needs.

4. Now the restore progress screen will show. This will show you in real-time what is happening behind the scenes during the restore. 

5.  When you see this screen your restore has completed successfully. 

If for any reason you run into issues during the restore process please head over to the “Diagnostics” page and click the “Recent Actions” tab. Then under the “Recent Restores” section click the “details” link to see where the restore failed. Then please send that to our support team who will be ready to help. 

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