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This filter hook is called in the Builder core footer.php file inside the Footer Module. It passes in a string containing the standard links to iThemes, iThemes Builder, and WordPress.

Possible Uses

The purpose of this filter is to give easy access to change the footer credit without having to build a custom footer.php.


(string) (required) Current footer credit.
Default: <a href="http://ithemes.com/purchase/builder-theme/" title="iThemes Builder">iThemes Builder</a> by <a href="http://ithemes.com/" title="iThemes WordPress Themes">iThemes</a><br />Powered by <a href="http://wordpress.org">WordPress</a>

Return Value

A default value for this filter is not provided by Builder core, so using apply_filters on this filter will be of little value.

(string) (required) Modified footer credit.
Default: None


The following could be added to a child theme's functions.php file to change the footer credit.

add_filter( 'builder_footer_credit', 'custom_builder_footer_credit' );

function custom_builder_footer_credit( $footer_credit ) {
    $footer_credit .= '<br />Customized by <a href="http://chrisjean.com/">Chris Jean</a>';
    return $footer_credit;

Notice how I was awesome and added a customized by line rather than removing the existing credit. :)

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