Remote Destination Stash Legacy Upload Option

If you are having an issue sending “Full/Complete” backups to your Stash remote destination, and:

1) You’re using the latest version of Solid Backups

2) “Database Only” and smaller backups send just fine

3) “Test Settings” option replies with “Test successful.”

4) Failed send logs look like:

17:18:38.35 0.13sec 8.79MB details ----- Initiating master send function for BackupBuddy v8.4.19.0.
17:18:38.35 0.13sec 8.79MB details Basename file: ``. Post-send deletion: 
17:18:38.35 0.13sec 8.79MB details Created fileoptions lock file `send-78hk1pi7kfer.txt.lock` with ID: 5d9cb6de56aa71.19238262.
17:18:38.35 0.13sec 8.80MB details Fileoptions load using 0 MB of memory.
17:18:38.35 0.13sec 8.80MB details Fileoptions `send-78hk1pi7kfer.txt` saved. 1540 bytes written.
17:18:38.35 0.13sec 8.80MB details Initializing destination.
17:18:38.35 0.13sec 8.80MB details Loading destination init file `/var/www/vhosts/`.
17:18:38.35 0.13sec 8.81MB details Destination init loaded.
17:18:38.35 0.13sec 8.81MB details Initialized `stash2` destination.
17:18:38.35 0.13sec 8.81MB details Applying destination-specific defaults.
17:18:38.35 0.13sec 8.81MB details Applying global destination defaults.
17:18:38.35 0.13sec 8.81MB details Calling destination-specific send method `pb_backupbuddy_destination_stash2::send`.
17:18:38.36 0.13sec 8.82MB details Starting Stash2 send().
17:18:39.44 1.22sec 10.61MB details Guzzle client cainfo: `/var/www/vhosts/`. capath: `n/a`.

Please add the following define to the site’s wp-config.php file:


It can be anywhere in the wp-config.php file as long as it is between the first line ( <php ) and before the line that says /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy Blogging. */

Then try sending a “Full/Complete” backup to your Stash remote destination. If needed, you can see how to edit the wp-config.php file in this article

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