Adjusting the Max Execution Time

The server’s PHP max_execution_time is the maximum amount of time that PHP allows scripts to run. After this limit is reached the script (Solid Backups in this case) is killed. The more time available, the better. By default, most host’s set this to 30 seconds.

If you need to increase the server’s PHP max_execution_time, we recommend an amount higher than 30 seconds. At least 300 if not more.

In the site’s php.ini server configuration file, the entry might look like:

max_execution_time = 300

Follow the directions below to enable the use of your own php.ini file to override default server settings when using a host provided server control panel like cPanel.

1. Log into cPanel

2. Navigate to the Software/Services section (usually it’s just labeled “Software”)

3. Select “MultiPHP INI Editor”

4. While in “Basic Mode”, select the location (the site)

5. Once you select the site, new options should appear. Scroll down until you find “max_execution_time”

6. Then increase the number to your choosing

7. Then click the “Apply” button

How to increase the server’s max_execution_time varies from host to host. So if you’re still having issues trying to increase your server’s max_execution_time, we would highly recommend that you contact your host.

With local installs like MAMP, you have to edit the php.ini file directly. With MAMP, go to your C: Drive and locate the folder MAMP. It should be in the root directory. And follow the path to:

MAMP -> CONFIG -> php (the version you are using) -> php.ini

Open the php.ini file and edit that line: max_execution_time = 30 to max_execution_time = 300

Please make sure that with whatever editor you are using to edit that php.ini file, that you save the changes.

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