WordPress Gutenberg Features

Gutenberg is available as part of WordPress 5.0 and later. Beyond just using blocks to create your content now, Gutenberg also introduces other cool features. Gutenberg offers a number of different view options, for instance, normally whenever you select a block you'll see different options above the block. With Gutenberg, if you select the Top Toolbar option your tools will stay fixed on the top header of the block.


The Spotlight Mode offers the ability to highlight just the content block you're currently working on, which comes in handy when working with a page with multiple blocks. The Fullscreen Mode is another capability introduced in Gutenberg which will bring up the Gutenberg editor in fullscreen on your current browser. Gutenberg also introduces nifty options that will make your pages/posts more visually appealing. An example of this is the Drop Cap option, which will largen the initial letter of your page/post. Gutenberg also introduced a new content structure setting, which will highlight your word count, headings, paragraphs, and blocks.


Just like the Classic Editor, the Gutenberg Editor also allows you to switch between Visual Editing and editing with HTML. Under the Advanced column, there is now an option called the "Additional CSS class", which will allow you to add your own custom CSS styling for this particular block. If you realize that the block you're currently working on is the wrong type of block, then you can easily switch using Gutenberg's Transform option. This allows you to change the block without having to start over again from scratch.


If you're familiar with using commands in applications such as Slack, which utilizes the slash (/) functionality, you can also do this within the Gutenberg Editor. For example, if you type /head it will bring up the Heading option so you can create a new header in your text. When working with headers, Gutenberg also allows you to use HTML Anchors for readers so they don't have to search through an entire article for themselves.

This is still just scratching the surface of what Gutenberg can do to further expand upon the creation of your content. Since WordPress is open-source, Gutenberg can be expected to be updated consistently and worked on as WordPress comes out with new and improved versions.

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