How to Schedule a WordPress Post

So, you just created your awesome new post, but you don't want to publish it immediately? No worries, WordPress gives you the ability to schedule when your WordPress posts will be published and available for all of your visitors to see. Whenever you add a post to be scheduled, WordPress will initiate a cron job that will run at the specified date efficiently utilizing the Wp-Cron.

Scheduling the WordPress Post


Once you are done editing your post, all you need to do in order to schedule this post is to click the Immediately link under Status & Visibility. This will create a dropdown calendar that will allow you to set time intervals for when the post will be published. You can set the exact time along with the day, month, or even year!

After you have decided when the post will be scheduled, all you need to do is click the Schedule button in place of the default Publish button. This will schedule the post, and once the wp-cron has been fired off, it will run the cron job at this scheduled time.

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