How to Disable/Turn Off Stash Live

You may eventually find out that for your site, the sending of traditional backups to your Stash remote destination work better than Stash Live. And that you now want to disable/turn off Stash Live. Below are the steps on how to do that.

First, go to the BackupBuddy -> Stash Live page and click on the "Live Settings" button in the top right corner.


Once you click the "Live Settings" button, and a new smaller window should appear.

Scroll all the way down until you see the red "Disconnect from Stash Live" link in the lower right corner.


The next screen should prompt you for your iThemes password (your iThemes Username should already be in place. Just apply the password and click the "Disconnect Stash Live" button and it should disable/turn off Stash Live.


Then, to make sure that you will no longer get any email notifications from Stash Live, please go here:

BackupBuddy -> Diagnostics -> Logs/Other -> Housekeeping & Troubleshooting -> Misc -> Force Cancel of all Backups & Transfers

Just click that button and let it run.


Then please click on the "Delete ALL data files (including resetting Stash Live) here:

BackupBuddy -> Diagnostics -> Logs/Other -> Housekeeping & Troubleshooting -> Cleanup -> Delete ALL data files (including resetting Stash Live)


Please note, that disabling/turning off Stash Live doesn't remove any backups/snapshots that it has created and stored in your Stash account. So if you no longer want them in your Stash account, you may wish to download them first, then remove them from you Stash account here:




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