Creating a WordPress Page

Adding a page is almost identical to adding a post in WordPress, with the exception that pages will be more structured for your WordPress site.


To add a new Page, all you need to do is click the Add New button from either the All Pages tab, or the Add New tab.

Creating the Page will use the same Gutenberg functionality the same way as Posts do, so most of the features still cross over into creating a WordPress page. You can add Featured Images, Discussion options (allow comments), and add new blocks. However, with Pages, you can customize the Page Attributes. This will give you the option to set a Parent Page and the order. The order will tell WordPress to display this page first on your site.

Once you are done creating your new Page, all you need to do is either publish it or set a schedule for when the page will be published. This is found under the Status & Visibility tab and its operations work exactly the same as scheduling/adding a post does. After you have decided the page's visibility and when to publish, then you can either click the Publish or Schedule button respective to the settings you have made!


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