The WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard is the hub of your WordPress site.  

When you first launch your WordPress site, you'll see a Welcome section on the Home page of your site's dashboard.


This section has links to areas and settings that will help you get started creating your site.  

The other sections you'll find on the Home screen of your dashboard are:

  • At a Glance
  • Activity
  • Quick Draft
  • WordPress Events and News


The At a Glance section shows you your site basics such as the number of pages you have, the theme you're using and the version of WordPress you're running.


The Activity section tells you what's been happening on your site like recent comments, recently published posts and upcoming scheduled posts.


If you have an idea for a post you want to start, you can use the Quick Draft section to create a basic draft of your post.


In the WordPress Events and News section, you'll find links to upcoming events in your area as well as links to articles about recent happenings in WordPress.


WordPress allows you to arrange these sections however you'd like.  You would simply click on the section and drag & drop it wherever you'd like.


Some plugins, such as BackupBuddy, will add sections to the Home page of your Dashboard as well.  


Along the left side of your Dashboard, you'll find your main navigation menu which will lead you to the different areas of your site.


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