Getting Started with Landing Pages

To get started creating your first Landing Page, you'll go to Landing Pages in your dashboard.

Note:  These settings apply only to the individual Landing Page you are creating. You can create your default settings under Landing Pages > Settings.


To start creating your landing page, the first step is to add a Featured Image.  Then you'll add a Headline and Sub Headline before finally adding your Masthead Text and the Body.  Both the Masthead Text and the Body text are created in the Classic Editor, allowing you to customize the style of your text.


Call to Action(s)

You have the option to enable your Call to Action bar at the top of the page, at the bottom of the page or both.  When you enable one or both of these, you can enable the Email Opt-in Form and determine whether or not to include the first name field.  Then you can add your Action Text.


Lastly, you can customize your Button text and make the first name a requirement when submitting the form.


The last section for your Landing Page is the Footer. You can enable the Footer option and add your customized content for the footer.



Under the Design tab, you can customize your landing page.


To customize your type, you can select between using Google fonts and TypeKit.



You can customize the colors of your landing page to match your theme.


To edit the colors, click the change link by the item you want to customize.  Then you can select or enter the hexadecimal for the color you'd like to use.


Custom CSS

If you have custom CSS you'd like to use to customize your Landing page, you can include that in the last section of your Design settings.



Popup Content

If you'd like to use a popup on your landing page, you can enable that option. You'll then want to customize your headline, description and button text.  You also have the option to disable the first name field.


Display popup...

The Display popup setting allows you to determine when the popup will be shown.

  • On exit-intent
  • Automatically after 10 seconds
  • Slide-up from the bottom-right corner when scrolled 50%


Thank You

Build Your Thank You Page

If you would like to thank your customers for signing up for your Content Upgrade, you can opt to Generate a Thank You Page.

If you decide to use a Thank You page, you will want to create a headline and body.  If you have any scripts you'd like to add, you can do that as well.


Redirect Page

If you'd like to have your users redirected to a different page after they sign up, you can select that option as well.  You'd just check the box to activate the redirect and then add the URL where you'd like them redirected to.


If you go to the Entries tab, you will find a list of all the customers who have signed up for your Content Upgrade, which Content Upgrade they signed up for and additional details.


You can also export these entries to CSV.  


Under the Misc tab, you can add both header and footer scripts.


Example Landing Page



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