Blocking Edit Tracking

In Solid Backups > Settings > Advanced Settings > Logging, there is an option to toggle edit tracking between Basic and Advanced depending upon the level of detail you wish to log.

However, some plugins make almost continual changes to the database and show as multiple edits in the Dashboard widget.

If you wish to disable that tracking on a per option key basis, you can use the following code at the bottom of your child theme’s functions.php file:

add_filter( 'itbub_edits_ignore_options', 'mytheme_ignore_custom_option' );

 * Exclude an option from edits tracking in Solid Backups
 * @param array $ignored_options  Array of option keys to ignore.
 * @return array  Modified options array.
function mytheme_ignore_custom_option( $ignored_options ) {
    $ignored_options[] = '_insert_option_key_here_';
    return $ignored_options;

Please note: The above code may require knowledge of PHP. And therefore cannot be supported by the Solid Backups support staff. So please make sure to create a backup before applying it.

Best Practices Tip: Always create and store an off-site backup before making changes to functions.php!

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