Solid Security Two-Factor Authentication Onboarding

When Two-Factor Authentication is enabled on the site, users will see the Two-Factor Onboarding feature when they log in.


After entering their username and password, they will be met with the default onboarding welcome message, which you can personalize in the Two-Factor Authentication settings.



After entering the Username and Password, they will be guided through the Two-Factor Authentication Onboarding process.




They can select the Two-Factor Authentication method they would like to use.  You can click here for instructions on how to set up the Mobile App method.




You must select one method before you can continue to the next step.

Note that selecting only the Mobile App method will still have the "Continue" button disabled to ensure the user has a way to access 2FA codes if the mobile app isn't available.




Download and store the Backup Codes someplace safe; you will be required to use one on your next login attempt.




The Two-Factor Authentication Onboarding is now complete.

If you wish to disable the onboarding process for specific user roles, you can enable the Skip Two-Factor Onboarding in the User Groups settings.


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