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WordPress is a great tool that allows you to do many things directly from the wp-admin dashboard. This even includes uploading images and other media to your site. Unfortunately, you will occasionally run into issues with getting larger files uploaded or perhaps you just have a large number of files that all need to be uploaded at once. There are a couple of ways that you can do this if we're talking about a single file or a couple of files that happen to be larger in size than your maximum upload limits you can first try to increase those limits via .htaccess. The next way is to upload those files via SFTP which is what we will discuss here.

By default, WordPress does not support the direct uploading of files to your server via SFTP. This means that we need to work around this through the use of plugins. There are a number of different plugins that you can use to do this. For the sake of this article, we will be using the Add From Server plugin.

iThemes and iThemes Hosting is in NO WAY affiliated with the Add from Server plugin or their developers. If you have any issues with this software you will need to contact their support in order to get assistance.  

Once you select, install and activate the plugin you wish to use, in our case Add from Server, you will want to access your site via SFTP and upload the files you want to add. We recommend adding these within the wp-content/uploads/ folder as this is the location in which WordPress uploads all of your media by default. You can either create a separate folder or you can include it into the wp-content/uploads/currentyear/currentmonth/ folder as if you had uploaded this via wp-admin.


Once the files have been uploaded into the folder of your choosing, then it is time to go back to your wp-admin area and get this imported to your WordPress Media library.

If you are using the same plugin as us, you can do this simply by hovering over the Media option from the left-hand menu and selecting Add from Server. If you are using a different plugin, you will want to consult with their support documentation to ensure that you are following the proper steps in its use.


Once you do that, you will then be brought to a page where you will navigate to the folder in which you've uploaded the files via SFTP and select them to be imported.


Once you select the import option, it will begin to run and import all of the selected files to your WordPress Media Library. When it completes, you'll want to navigate to your Media Library and ensure that the files you wanted to have uploaded are present.

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