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When you begin looking for different plugins to use you may come across some that require specific PHP modules to be activated or other specific settings. Luckily, the BackupBuddy software that your iThemes Hosting account provides to you has a section that you can go to in order to review a lot of these details. This article will assume that you've already installed BackupBuddy on your site. You can find this by accessing your Sync Dashboard and Selecting the Full Site Details option.


From here you will select the View WP Admin option. Currently, the BackupBuddy Server Tools cannot be pulled up through Sync.


Once you get into the wp-admin area of your site, you will then locate BackupBuddy in the left-hand menu and hover there to get the additional options. Once those pop-up, you will select the Server Tools option.


On this page, you can find a large number of commonly needed server specifications. You can check software versions such as BackupBuddy, WordPress, PHP and MySQL. You can also see a number of your PHP settings such as maximum execution time, memory limits and upload sizes.

Below you'll find just a small snippet of what you can see with this tool.


If you can't find what you need here, you can also find a full PHP info read out from this page. Just scroll down towards the bottom and find the following:


The option that you want here is the Display Extended PHP Settings via phpinfo(). This will give you a full readout of all your PHP settings. 

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