Checking and Repairing MySQL Databases

Note: The use of phpMyAdmin for database management is considered an advanced feature. If you are unfamiliar with this type of database administration then it is recommended that you seek help from your website developer.

Occasionally, while managing your site you come across something that damages a table or otherwise causes your MySQL database to stop working properly. With iThemes Hosting, you have access to PHPMyAdmin where you can go to check, repair or optimize your database tables. You need 3 main things to get started, all of which you can get from the Database Information section of your iThemes Hosting page. This article will assume that you know how to access phpMyAdmin. If you need assistance with that please check our article on accessing phpMyAdmin

Once logged into phpMyAdmin, you will select your database from the left-hand menu in order to bring up the list of tables.




From here, you can select either an individual table or all of them by clicking on the checkbox to the left. Once you've selected the table(s) you plan to work with, you will choose the drop-down menu to the right of the Check All option that is currently filled with With selected:


There are 3 options that you will want to focus on in this section:  Check table, Optimize table and Repair table. You will simply select the option you wish to use by clicking on it and it will automatically run the function.

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