Accessing Your iThemes Hosting Account

There are currently two distinct areas that you will have access to with the use of iThemes Hosting. You will be given access to your iThemes Member area as well as access to the Sync dashboard. Those of you familiar with Sync and our other products should be familiar with this setup, but for those of you new to it all or simply in need of a quick refresher let's take a look at these two panels. Another key point for both of these is that you will use the same username and password combination to access either.

Member Panel

The iThemes Member Panel is your default spot for all of your iThemes products. Here you can download any plugins you've purchased, get direct access to all of our support documentation and much much more! You will also use this area to review your bills, purchase new products and check on your currently licensed sites.


Most users go to pages here are going to "Downloads" to get the most recent version of any plugins you've purchased, subscriptions to review your billing information, and Sync to bring you to your sync dashboard!

Sync Dashboard

The Sync Dashboard is where you are going to spend most of your time. When you sign in for the first time it will look something like this. If you've already got websites added you'll see them listed in this section as well




sync individual site view

We have extensive support documentation on the sync dashboard and you can also find all of our tutorials here!

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