Installing Plugins and Themes

From your Solid Central dashboard, click Install on the left Sidebar menu. Check the box next to the sites where you’d like to install your plugins or themes. 


To install SolidWP products, click SolidWP under the Select Source section and then click either Plugin or Theme under the Select Item Type section.



Choose the plugins or themes you wish to install and click Install or Install and Activate. You will see that we now have an Installation Queue.


If you accidentally add something to the Installation Queue, you can click the X to the right of the product’s name and remove it. To complete the installation, click the Install Queued Items button.


To install plugins from the WordPress repository, change the source to Type in the plugin you want to install and click search. Now click the Install button.



You can also install your favorite plugins and themes from the Solid Central dashboard. If you do not have a account, you will need to register for one. 


Another way to install a plugin or theme is to upload the .zip from your computer. Click the Upload button and navigate to your folder, or simply drag and drop to the upload area. Find the zip you want and click the open button. Now click the install button, and it will be on your site.


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