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Plugins & Themes


In the site's Site Admin, under the Admin page, the Plugins and Themes tab allows you to Activate, Deactivate, and Delete your plugins individually or in bulk.


You can also see if there's an update available, update it, view the changelogs, or decide to ignore this particular update.


Note that ignoring the update only pertains to the currently available update, not future updates.








Solid Backups


The Backups page allows you to create backups now, view and create Schedules, view your Profiles, and download backups.



Solid Security Pro


The Security page allows you to temporarily whitelist your IP, enable or disable Away Mode, run a File Scan, or release current lockouts.





The Users tab under the Admin page lets you manage all of your users from one place, create new ones, and delete current ones.





The Comments tab under the Admin page allows you to view, approve, and disapprove comments.


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