Theme Features

The Theme Features section allows you to enable or disable a large number of Builder's built-in features. For example, you can enable Builder's duplicate Sidebar Widget for allows the for easy duplication of sidebar's widgets.

Enable/disable options included in the Theme Features settings section include:

  • Duplicate Sidebar Widget - The Duplicate Sidebar Widget allows for easy duplication of another sidebar's widgets.
  • Widget Content Feature - The Widget Content feature adds a new top-level menu called "Widget Content" that allows for easy creation of content that can then be added to a sidebar by using the Widget Content widget.
  • Plugin Features - Builder can provide custom coding, styling, and JavaScript to enhance specific plugins running alongside Builder. All of these enhancements can be removed by disabling this option.
  • Extensions - Builder's Extensions are like mini-themes that can be applied to Layouts or Views. This feature can be disabled if Extensions are not used so that Extensions are hidden from the interface.
  • WordPress Admin Bar Modifications - WordPress' Admin Bar provides links to easily manage your site. Builder can add a "Builder" entry to the Admin Bar to give quick and easy access to Builder management features from the front-end of your site. Disabling this feature will prevent these modifications from being added.
  • Title Tag - Builder can generate a full title tag that includes the name of the of the site. This is typically recommended for SEO purposes. However, this feature can sometimes conflict with an SEO plugin that also tries to add such modifications to the title. You can disable this feature to allow an SEO plugin to have full control over the title. Note that this feature may automatically be disabled when known-conflicting plugins are running (currently WordPress SEO and All in One SEO Pack).
  • Gallery Shortcode Customizations - Builder has built-in gallery shortcode ([gallery]) customizations that allows the gallery to be more flexible. This results in the gallery automatically adjusting to various widths found in Layouts and to be responsive in responsive child themes. These customizations can create conflicts with plugins that also modify the gallery shortcode output. To avoid such conflicts, this feature can be disabled. Note that disabling this feature may require restyling the gallery design.
  • Header Flush - Advanced Setting: Builder flushes (sends) the page header for improved performance (details). This could cause problems with some plugins that attempt to do page redirects after Builder starts to render the site. Typically, the problems show up as Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent and the redirects fail to work. If you are having this problem, disabling this feature may fix your issue.
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