Gallery Shortcode

The Gallery Shortcode Settings section controls Builder's rendering methods for gallery shortcodes. Use these settings to customize how Builder handles [gallery] shortcodes - either columns by default or a free-flowing list. For more information, visit the Gallery Shortcode page in the codex.

Columns by Default

Most themes render gallery items in three columns by default. This means that if your shortcode text is just [gallery], then the gallery items will be in three columns. The images will become smaller or larger to fit the space. If the images are too small, simply change the shortcode to use fewer columns.

Using this setting, galleries can still be rendered as a free-flowing list (described below) by setting the columns attribute of the shortcode to "auto". For example, [gallery columns="auto"].'

Free-flowing List by Default

In older versions of Builder, the columns value of the shortcode would be ignored. Instead, each gallery item would be rendered at the designated size (the thumbnail size by default) and the items would simply flow to fill the space.

For example, a wide layout may result in four columns while a more narrow layout would result in three columns. This option can be used to restore the old behavior. Even with this option specified, current versions of Builder do respect the column count specified in the shortcode text.

For example, changing the shortcode to [gallery columns="5"] results in a five column gallery. Since selecting three columns from the gallery shortcode editor results in a shortcode of [gallery], a three-column gallery would require manual modification of the shortcode to change it to [gallery columns="3"].

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