Duplicate Sidebar Widget

Builder Duplicate Sidebar Widget

Builder's Duplicate Sidebar Widget allows you to quickly duplicate widgets used in widget areas of different Layouts.


Imagine having three layouts called Home, Blog, and Default. Each of these three layouts uses a two column Widget Bar module for the header. To keep the look of the site consistent, the same widgets should be used across all three layouts. Manually adding the same widgets to each of the three layouts and then updating three sets of matching widgets when any changes need to be made is possible but time consuming and error prone.

The Duplicate Sidebar widget functionality offers an easy way to manage this type of setup. Simply drop the Duplicate Sidebar widget into a sidebar that needs to have matching widgets, and select the desired sidebar from the "Sidebar to Duplicate" drop-down.

Using the widget

Visit Appearance > Widgets and locate the "Duplicate Sidebar" in the list of available widgets.

Drag the Duplicate Sidebar Widget to a widget area on the right side of the screen. Choose the sidebar to duplicate from the drop-down list.

(This drop-down list includes a list of current available Layouts with their Widget Areas and Sidebars)

Click Save to save the Duplicate Sidebar Widget.

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