Identify Widget Areas

The Identify Widget Areas settings section helps make it easy to manage your Builder widget areas. Much of the power of Builder comes from the large number of widget areas you can create and manage, so Builder can show the name of each widget area (or sidebar) by adding some filler content to the area. This helps identifies the name of the widget area and makes it easier to see the full structure of a layout. The settings in this section help control this feature.

From here, you can select when a widget area should be identified, like only if a widget area does not have any widgets (the default setting), if they should always be identified or if widget identification should be disabled entirely.

The next section controls who actually sees the widget identification information — such as logged in users that can modify widgets (the default setting), any logged in user, or everyone including visitors that are not logged in.

With Widget Areas Identified

The following is an example of widget areas identified on the front-end of the site:

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