Builder's Views allow you to harness the true power of Builder's Layouts. By using Views, you can have one Layout show on just your Home page and another Layout show on all pages.

Available Views

Views harness the power of Layouts by easily assigning individual Layouts to specific parts or pages of the site including:

  • 404 – The “Page Not Found” error page
  • Archives – Any archive view (category, tag, author or date)
  • Attachment – Any attachment (image or other attached file)
  • Author – Any author archive view)
  • Category – Any category archive view
  • Date Archive – Any date-specific view (such as year, month or day)
  • Home – The front page or home of your site
  • Page – Any page
  • Post – Any post
  • Post Type – Widget content : any widget content entry
  • Search – A search result page
  • Singular – Any post, page or attachment
  • Tag – Any tag archive view
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