Layouts are at the heart of how Builder gives you more control over your site. The goal is to allow you to create a site structure that meets your needs rather than forcing you to structure your site to fit the mold of a specific theme.

Layouts are composed of the arrangement of page elements, or Modules . Each page on a Builder site can have its own unique Layout structure and arrangement of Modules.

The Layouts Tab

From the WordPress Dashboard, visit My Theme > Layouts and Views . This page gives a listing of available Layouts (either the pre-packaged Layouts included in a new Builder installation) or custom Layouts you have built.

From the Builder Layouts tab, available Layouts are listed with columns for:

  • Description - This is the name of the Layout assigned during the creating process.
  • Default Layout - The Default Layout will be noted in this column with "Yes." The Default Layout is used for all Views that don't have a specific View set.
  • Width - The width of the Layout in pixels
  • Extension - This column will display if an Extension is used for the Layout.
  • Hide Widget Areas - This column will display if the Layout's widget areas are hidden. Widgets can be hidden from the Layout Editor to make management of widget areas easier.
  • Pages - The number of pages using the Layout
  • Posts - The number of posts using the Layout
  • Views - The number of Views using the Layout
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