Copious Comments

CopiousComments displays a list of your top posts with customizable graphical representation when added to a widget or inserted with a shortcode.


  • Show comment count for a defined number of most-commented posts.
  • Fully customizable colors & general styling.
  • Adjustable entity width.
  • Post title truncating for long titled posts.
  • Fully HTML - no Javascript needed.
  • Future support additional layouts.
  • Custom post type support.
  • Widget support.
  • Shortcode support.
  • Automatic upgrades.


You may quickly insert the comment listing by using the shortcode [copiouscomments]. Defaults may be overridden by supplying any option and value pairs listed below. All parameters are optional.

Default Shortcode



posts · Number of posts to display. (number)
width · Width, in percent based on its container, of the CopiousComments entity.
truncate · Maximum number of title characters to display. An elipses (...) is appended to truncated titles.


	[copiouscomments posts="10" width="40" truncate="60"] 

Copious Comments Widget Feature

A Widget option is available for showing Copious Comments in any widgetized area. In the WordPress admin area, head to Appearance->Widgets and drag the Copious Comments widget to your desired area. Just give it a title and set the parameters, and it will be ready to go.

Style Manager

This is a tool to customize the color scheme of your Copious Comments.

Copious Comments Settings

This is an additional tool to help customize Copious Comments.

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