Billboard provides a way to easily upload and display linkable images in a random or defined order on your site.


  1. Features
  2. Groups
  3. Adding Images
  4. Displaying Billboard on Your Site
  5. Billboard Widget
  6. Billboard Shortcode
  7. FAQs
  8. Multiple Images are Showing, but I Just Want One
  9. How to Get Rid of the Small Lines Appearing Under the Images



The first step in adding Billboard to your site is to create a group to store images in. The link to Billboard in the WordPress admin area is in the DisplayBuddy section of the menu. When you click the Billboard link it will direct you to the area where you can create a group. The information requested to create a group is a name for that group, select a method for resizing the images in that group, width, and height. After you have created a group it will be added to a table that lists all of the existing groups and lists information about them.

Adding Images

After you have created a group for the images then you can select group from the groups table and click the "Add Entries" link to add images to that group. When you add an image the following information will be requested:

  • Description - The description will be used as the alt tag when it is displayed on your site.
  • Link URL - The URL of where you would like the images to link to.
  • Image - Here you will select and image from your computer and Billboard will use one of it's methods to resize it to the group width and height that you have set.
  • Priority - If random is turned on and only specific amount of images from your Billboard group will be displayed you can set a priority on which images are more likely to be shown.
  • Require Link URL - This allows you to set whether a link will be required in order for you to add images.

Displaying Billboard on Your Site

Billboard Widget

Billboard can be displayed in widget areas on your site. Navigate to the Widgets area under Appearance in the WordPress Admin area. Drag the Billboard widget into the widget area that you would like for it to display in and fill out the widget form to configure that instance of Billboard just the way you want it.

Billboard Shortcode

Example shortcode: [it-billboard group="0" title="Title" max='all' entry_order="ordered" new_window="yes"]

  • group This allows you to chose which Billboard group to display with the *shortcode. The group id can be found on the settingspage.
  • title This attribute allows you to place a title above the Billboard group. *If you wish to not have a title then do not include this attribute in the shortcode.
  • max With the max attribute, you can choose how many images you want to show in the Billboard group. You can enter a number between 1-20 or use "all" for showing all images in the group.
  • entry_order This attribute allows to control what order the images will be shown on page load. You can use "ordered", "alphabetical", or "random".
  • new_window This will enable the option for image links to be opened in a new window.


Multiple Images are Showing, but I Just Want One

In the Widget panel settings change 'Maximum number to show' to 1.

How to Get Rid of the Small Lines Appearing Under the Images

Sometimes you'll see this little lines that appear beneath your images in Billboard


To remove those lines, add the following at the end of child theme's style.css:

.widget_ithemes-billboard a, .widget_ithemes-billboard a:hover {
    text-decoration: none !important;

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