Accordion is a commercial WordPress plugin that allows you to group items together in an accordion format. Items can be posts, pages, and data from our built-in Accordion post type.


Accordion Basic Features

  • 2 CSS themes
  • Can adjust the width/height of the Accordion and Accordion items
  • Makes use of a post's featured image feature to show images with the Accordion items
  • Can embed video or shortcodes into the Accordion content (either via a post or manual entry)
  • Can adjust the thumbnail size
  • Widget-enabled so you can show an Accordion in any widgetized area
  • A shortcode icon is available for posts so you can easily insert an Accordion onto a post or page

Accordion Shortcode Feature

Accordion uses the [pb_accordion id='20'] format, where id is the Accordion's unique id.

The shortcode is best placed inside a post or page using the Accordion shortcode icon on the media bar (screenshot).

Accordion Widget Feature

A Widget option is available for showing Accordion in any widgetized area. In the WordPress admin area, head to Appearance->Widgets and drag the Accordion widget to your desired area. Select which Accordion you would like to show and save the widget.

Server Requirements & Recommendations


Server configuration is a very complex topic and varies wildly between hosts, server operating systems, and even the personal preference of the server administrator. Below are the bare minimum requirements for the plugin along with the recommended setup to get the most out of this plugin. You may use ServerBuddy to help you determine how your server compares to our minimum requirements & recommendations.

Minimum Server Requirements for Functionality

Requirements for functionality:

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