Local Directory

With the Local Directory remote destination, BackupBuddy supports sending files to another directory on your server / hosting account. This is useful for storing copies locally in another location. This is also a possible destination for automated migrations.

Adding a Local Directory as a Remote Destination

  1. Once on the Remote Destinations page, click the +Add New button to add your local directory destination. 
  2. From the Add New Destination page, configure the following destination settings: 
    1. Destination name - Name of the new destination to create. This is for your convenience only.
    2. Local file path - Provide the full path to the location's directory. This must map to the web location for the destination URL.
    3. Migration URL - Enter the URL corresponding to the FTP destination path. This URL must lead to the location where files uploaded to this remote destination would end up. If the destination is in a subdirectory make sure to match it in the corresponding URL.
    4. Archive limit - [Example: 5] - Enter 0 for no limit. This is the maximum number of archives to be stored in this specific destination. If this limit is met the oldest backups will be deleted.
  3. Once you've entered all of your settings, Test Settings and click the +Add Destination button.
  4. Your new location will now show on the Remote Destinations page in BackupBuddy. If you need to change your settings, click the gear symbol to the right of the destination. 

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