Migrating/Restoring with Stash

Solid Backups Stash: Migrate/Restore

When restoring or migrating a site, ImportBuddy allows you to use your Stash or Stash Live files to complete the restoration or migration.

Upload importbuddy.php  to the public_html folder of your new domain.

If you are moving it to a new folder on your cPanel, make sure nothing else is in the folder except for importbuddy.php.


Go to yoursite.com/importbuddy.php and enter the password.

Click “Authenticate”.



Click “Restore from Stash / Stash Live


Enter your SolidWP username and password.

Click “Connect to Stash”.



Select the backup you’d like to restore.

Click “Restore”.


Click “Restore Backup”.


Continue following the on-screen steps to complete the Stash migration or site restoration.


For more information on migrating or restoring your site with Solid Backups, visit the Restore/Migrate section.

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