After your Solid Backups purchase, you can download the Solid Backups zip file from the SolidWP Member's Panel.



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Additional Information


When downloading Solid Backups from your SolidWP Member's Panel please be sure that your browser does not automatically unzip the downloaded zip file.


If your browser does do this, then instead of finding a downloaded zip file you will find a folder named after Solid Backups that contains all the Solid Backups' files.  This is not what you need. You should not try to simply zip up the folder but instead check the information below and proceed as directed.


For example, by default, the Safari browser automatically unzips any zip file that you download through Safari. This behavior can be turned off in Safari Preferences.  It is generally preferable, however,  to instead right-click on the download link for the Solid Backups zip file and then select the download linked file option from the pop-up context menu.  That will prevent the automatic treatment being applied in this particular instance, but you can still take advantage of automatic treatments in other cases.


If you do accidentally click on the Solid Backups download link then, provided you do not empty the Trash in the interim, you can recover the original zip file from the Trash.


The Firefox browser will, by default, give you a choice of how you want to handle the file you are downloading and you would choose to save it. Other browser behaviors are similar.


Video Tutorial


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