The following are Zip settings options located on the Advanced Settings tab.




Enable zip compression


[Default: enabled] - ZIP compression decreases file sizes of stored backups.  If you are encountering timeouts due to the script running too long, disabling compression may allow the process to complete faster.


Zip method strategy


[Default: Best Only] - Normally, use Best Available but if the server is unreliable in this mode, you can try All Available or Force Compatibility.  


Alternative zip system (BETA)


[Default: Disabled] - Use only if directed by support.


Disable zip method caching


[Default: Disabled] - Use if directed by support.  Bypasses caching available zip methods so they are always displayed in logs.  When unchecked, Solid Backups will cache command line zip testing for a few minutes so it does not run too often.  This means that your backup status log may not always show the test results unless you disable caching.  


Ignore zip archive warnings


[Default: Disabled] - When enabled, Solid Backups will ignore non-fatal warnings encountered during the backup process such as the inability to read or access a file, symlink problems, etc.  These non-fatal warnings will still be logged.  



[Default: Enabled] - When enabled, Solid Backups will ignore/not follow symbolic links encountered during the backup process.  

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