Basic Operation

The following settings are included in the Basic Operation section of the Advanced Settings tab.




Enable backup reminders


[Default:  enabled] - When enabled, links will be displayed upon post or page edits and during WordPress upgrades to remind and allow for rapid backup up after modifications or before upgrading. 


Backup filename date/time


[Default:  disabled (date only)] - When enabled, your backup file name will display the time the backup was created in addition to the default date.  This is useful when making multiple backups in a one day period.  


Add the backup profile to backup file name


[Default:  disabled] - When enabled, your backup file name will display the backup profile used to initiate the backup.  This is useful when making multiple backups from different profiles.  


Lock archive directory (high security)


[Default: disabled] - Check for enhanced security to block backup downloading. This may result in an inability to download backups while enabled on some servers.


When enabled, all downloads of archives via the web will be prevented under all circumstances via the .htaccess file. If your server permits it, they will only be unlocked temporarily on click to download. If your server does not support this unlocking, then you will have to access the archives via the server (such as by FTP).


Include ImportBuddy in full backup archive


[Default: enabled] - Uncheck to skip adding ImportBuddy to backup archive. When enabled, the importbuddy.php file will be included within the backup archive ZIP file. This file can be used to restore your site. Inclusion in the ZIP file itself ensures you always have access to it. importbuddy.php is only included in full backups and only when this option is enabled.


Default backup tab


[Default:  Overview] - The default tab open during a backup is the Overview tab.  A more technical view is available in the Status tab.  


Disable language localization


[Default:  Unchecked] - When checked, language localization support will be disabled.  Solid Backups will revert to full English language mode.  Use this to display logs in English for support.


Limit to one action per cron pass


[Default:  Checked] - When checked, only one Solid Backups cron action may run per PHP page load.  Subsequent actions will be rescheduled for the next page load.  This only impacts Solid Backups cron actions.  


Cron loopback timeout override


[Default:  *blank* (0.01sec)] - If set, this will override WordPress' cron loopback timeout of 0.01 seconds to a higher value.  Some servers are unable to respond in such a short time resulting in cron failure.  The lowest working value is recommended to prevent potential page-load slow-downs.  


Retry timed out remote sends


[Default:  Checked] - When checked, Solid Backups will attempt once at resending a timed out remote destination send.  


Hide "Stash Live" from menu


[Default:  Unchecked] - When checked, the 'Stash Live' item will be removed from the left menu.  This is useful for developers with clients not using this feature.  


Hide widget & option from dashboard


[Default:  Unchecked] - When checked, the Solid Backups widget option will be completely removed from the dashboard for all users.  


Attempt to override PHP max execution time


[Default:  Unchecked] - When checked, Solid Backups will attempt to override the default PHP maximum execution time to 7200 seconds.  Note that almost all shared hosting providers block this attempt.  


Maximum local storage usage


[Example:  50000] - Maximum size (in MB) to allow Solid Backups to use for local storage.  This is a safeguard limit which should be set higher than any other local archive size limits.  


Maximum time per chunk


[Default:  *blank*] - The maximum amount of time Solid Backups should allow chunked processes to run, including database backups, Solid Backups Stash Live and any other chunked processes unless that feature allows its own specific max execution time setting in its settings.


Show all defined cron schedules


[Default: Unchecked] - When checked Solid Backups will show for selection cron schedules defined by all plugins/theme/core when adding or editing a Backup Schedule. When unchecked Solid backups will only show cron schedules defined by Solid Backups unless prevailing conditions dictate otherwise.

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